Swaggart Brothers

General Commercial Contractor

Three Mile Farms – Circle Development

Three Mile Farms, Boardman, Or – Swaggart Brothers Inc. was proud to be awarded with this project for Three Mile Farms in Boardman, Oregon. Swaggart Brothers was tasked with the installation of over 100,000 lineal feet of piping ranging from 30″ to 8″ diameter. These pipe runs service 23 brand new center pivots that were also installed by Swaggart Brothers. In addition to irrigation pipe and center pivots, Swaggart was contracted to trench and backfill 40,000 lineal feet of Pacific Power and Light conduit.

It should also be know that this project was located in within the habitat range of the endangered Washington Ground Squirrel. In a continued commitment to the environment, Swaggart Brothers worked directly with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to ensure that this endangered species was not affected by Swaggart Brothers operations.